About me

You found me…and you didn’t even know you were looking for me!

Who am I?
I’m Julie, an ordinary lady with an extraordinary talent, I can read lip prints!

“What exactly do you mean by a lip print?”
A lip print is when you apply lipstick and press it down onto my very own kiss cards this will then give me your own unique lip print, much like your individual finger print, that in turn will reveal information about you that i will interpret.

“OK this sounds a bit wacky to me, who’s going to want their lip prints read?”
Just about everyone!

It’s easy just pop on some lipstick that I will supply (yes, men too, I told you it would be fun!), press down on one of my kiss cards and make your print – the rest is up to me!

No two lip prints are ever the same. Everyone has their own unique print that cannot be duplicated. Lip prints all contain their own unique patterns which can reveal all sorts of interesting information about you. Yes, your lip print is talking to you, and it’s up to you to listen…

In my hometown of Northampton I’m well known in the hair and beauty industry having been in it most of my life. I discovered lip print reading purely by chance whilst on holiday with some girlfriends discussing the shape of our lipsticks (but that’s another story!) I researched it further and studied hard under the creator of LipsologyTM, Jilly Eddy who has spent over 20 years studying lips and is a published author and worldwide authority on the subject. I am now proud to be the only person in the UK taught by Jilly and I love every minute of it!

“What exactly are can you tell from my lip prints?”
Well that depends entirely on you. These are your lip prints, I am only here to interpret them. They might say you are artistic, have a temper, that you are a pillar of the community – far too much to mention here. Your lip print contains a wealth of information and it’s all about you!

“OK I’m having a party, what can you to do for me?”
Well, make your event a fun and fabulous place to be! It will be part of your event that people talk about long after it’s gone.

Every event, like a lip print, is different, so are the people, but ALWAYS there is lots of laughter coming from the lip print reading area and the best of it is everyone and anyone can join in.

I can cater for all sorts of events and tailor them to suit your needs; I supply everything that is required for the event, you just need to be there and  be ready to pucker up!

Remember your lips prints are ready to talk, so let’s have a conversation!