Frequently asked questions

What is a Lip print?
A lip print is when you apply lipstick and press it down onto my very own kiss cards this will then give me your own unique lip print, much like your individual finger print, that in turn will reveal information about you that I will interpret.

What exactly can you tell me from my lip print?
Surprisingly quite a lot! Your personality traits and talents, your communication skills, how you are perceived by others and how you perceive yourself. It can also tell us about your energy levels and how you use them to name but a few. There is a wealth of information hidden in those lip prints just waiting to talk to you!

I have had my lips enhanced, will this change my reading?
This is a common question I’m asked (people do not generally wear a billboard around their neck telling everyone they are puckering up slightly more than nature intended. The simple answer is NO – the fullness of your lips only plays a part in your reading, there are many other indicators that I look for that enhancement won’t change.

Does it matter what lipstick I use?
I supply all the lipstick but that doesn’t mean it has any magical qualities! If you prefer to use your own that’s great but I would ask that it is not a “long lasting non-transferable” lipstick, the reason being if it does what it says on the tin it may not transfer properly to my kiss card giving you an inaccurate reading. The same applies to Chap Stick, there just isn’t enough information transferred for me to give you an accurate reading.

Is there a right or wrong way to apply the lipstick?
The short answer is NO. I would suggest that you do apply it yourself however to get an accurate reading. Remember this is about you, a private conversation you are having with yourself, one we don’t want anyone else to join in so the least people involved with your lip print the better.

This isn’t written in lipstick though and if for whatever reason you need someone to help you just let me know that it wasn’t applied yourself.

A last word to you men……. it’s easy to do and fun and I have just the shade of red you’re looking for!

Why can’t you tell me about my lip prints by just looking at them ?
You will be amazed at how different your lip prints look on paper to how they look on your face!

Many a time people have said “Oh my lips don’t look like that!” but that is the beauty of LipsologyTM, your lip prints do not lie. What you are showing the outside world is not always what’s going on with you, your inner being. Very often a cupids bow, the “V” mark in the middle of the top lip, or other defining marks that you can see on peoples lips may not show up to the party, yet it’s there when you look at their face?

That as they say is the beauty of lip print reading. 

Will you tell me any bad news if you see it ?
This is meant to be fun!

Please remember I am not here to tell you your fortune, I’m here to tell you about you and interpret what your lip prints are saying to you at this moment in your life. They may indicate that you have things going on right now that need addressing, stress, energy levels, maybe a change of direction; he,y they may even be saying you need a holiday!

OK sounds fun but can you tell me about that tall dark stranger I’m looking for…?
I wish I could – the elusive tall dark stranger…

What I can interpret from your lip prints is how you are functioning right now, how others are seeing you and things that might benefit you with a little tweaking. Maybe the signals you are showing to the outside world is that you are absolutely fine and that you don’t need any affection, your lips however may reveal to me the exact opposite and a small change of direction may be all it takes to open up and let that tall dark (or blonde!) stranger in!

Did I also mention I’m available for weddings and have some lovely hats!